Bonnie Rotten is my new role model. She’s so sexual, it’s crazy. Plus, I love how few fucks she gives. And her tattoos are awesome!


Hardcore Puppets has asked me to inform you all that, following another deletion of both his personal and fetish blogs by the Tumblr staff (without reason or warning), he will not be coming back.


Not things that tired bimbos do, just things that all bimbos do.

Things Tired Bimbos Do #1

Try to unlock their iPhones by pressing an erect nipple to the thumbprint reader (it doesn’t work).


Anonymous asked:

How did you "thank" B for the phone?


Would you really like to know?

I should be able to do this by now, but alas, the talent still eludes me.

(via degraderofwhores)

Something I really must experience.


Is Twin Peaks worth watching?

New KiK

Don’t bother messaging me if:

1.) You’re looking for a hookup
2.) You’re only going to send something banal, like “hey” or “what’s up”
3.) You can’t stand waiting for a reply (contrary to popular belief, and despite what I profess to be my station in life, I do not spend my time looking for a man to please)
4.) You want to send me pics of your dick
5.) You’re looking for pics of me

Your message will be deleted, you will blocked and/or ignored.

Please do:

1.) Ask me questions, the more interesting the better
2.) Remind me of my place
3.) Share your experiences, be they as a bimbo, with a bimbo, or anything to do with misogyny, cuckquean(ing), anal only lifestyles, and/or BDSM in general

It’s not that I don’t like hearing from people, I just can’t keep going through the motions with people again and again and again. Like you guys, I’m doing this for my own enjoyment. If I don’t get anything from chatting, then what’s the point.

That being said, here it is, finally, for all those who’ve been asking me to get KiK for a long time: