bimbosandbdsm asked: Apparently you are one of my blogs biggest fans this week, so thanks! I do love your blog also particularly how you have embraced the bimbo/cuckquean lifestyle. Have you ever had hubby or one of his lovers use you as a footrest or other piece of furniture? Actually thinking about it it would be even more humiliating if they fucked on top of you using you as a kind of human sex bench.

Thanks for having an awesome blog! No, I haven’t been a footrest yet, but I do like the sound of it. And you’re totally right: it is way more humiliating to be a piece of human furniture for them to fuck on.

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Anonymous asked: Embrace objectification fully, even in that place deep down that thinks the bimbo lifestyle is something you can "put away" when you aren't feeling it.

I’m trying my hardest! I swear!

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Anonymous asked: As someone who has followed your blog from way back when, and was happy when you came out as bi, I have to say I am a little disappointed to see you start to pretend you aren't addicted to pussy again.

I don’t think I was ever addicted to pussy. Maybe. I dunno. Tumblr has made me do some strange things.

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Anonymous asked: What ever happened to that write-up?

It’s coming. I promise.

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Anonymous asked: As to the cumming ratio it shouldn't just be 3:1 but you should have to personally give both of them 5 orgasms that they rate at at least 7/10 before you get one orgasm and they should be able to change the number that you gave them if they want to

We’ll see. I will let my betters decide if and/or when I’m allowed to cum.

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Anonymous asked: As an Englishman I can tell you the only carpet I've seen in a bathroom is on a woman. The floor is either tile, linolium or laminate wood. Even the most brainless bimbos I've known knew better than to have carpeted bathrooms. ~BootyAnon.

I dunno why I thought that. Dumb blonde trying to use a part of her brain that doesn’t get used very often.

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Anonymous asked: It's a good thing that you don't have a carpet in your bathroom, what with your lack of ability when using the toilet

Hah! That is SO true. 

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